CENTURY The big 100 came up for the Foundation this year and I was able to work on some amazing projects. The 100 Stories book described the stories of donors, founders grantees and inspirational Rhode Islanders that make all of the Foundation's work possible. The Foundation focused on celebrating the community with events, a huge fund raising campaign for Roger Williams Park and humbling gratitude for their state.



BREAKTHROUGH REBRANDING Fresh thinking and a bold strategic plan created the perfect opportunity for the Rhode Island Foundation to revamp their brand. Basics Group worked closely with leadership and staff to understand their unique perspective — moving forward, while respecting their deep history. We began by developing a brand voice, key messaging and common language, then followed up with an overhaul of their visual identity. This cumulated in an internal celebration where the new brand was officially launched. Staff were presented with a brand guidebook, a digital toolkit, new business cards, a custom moleskin notebook and, of course, a cake.

Our ongoing relationship with me as the lead, works with the Foundation to create a unified, yet varied suite of communications materials — including newsletters, fund update reports, case statements, greeting cards and anything else that might come up.


RHODE ISLAND: It's All in Our Backyard

FIGHTING ABOVE OUR WEIGHT We took on the challenge of showcasing everything that was great about Rhode Island. With a small budget and a ton of spunk we launched the Backyard campaign. This upbeat statewide advertising campaign was created in partnership with the Rhode Island Foundation. Since its launch, the campaign has garnered earned media with positive reviews, and become an inspiration for government and media efforts to celebrate Rhode Island.



A NEW NICKNAME Basics Group worked with One Neighborhood Builders to create a brand identity for the Olneyville Square business district. We worked closely with stakeholders in the business community to create an identity that would serve as a base for ongoing communications and awareness building for the business district. We learned that we needed to highlight areas of strength such as, arts and entertainment, Hispanic businesses, and historic landmarks. The result is a mark that is a distinct, but neutral, canvas on which the vibrant heart of Olneyville, and its residents can come to life in the "OV".



STEAM The Current is a magazine that reports on the research and happenings of Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR as part of the University of Rhode Island. Working in concert with their communications coordinator, Basics Group has designed and produced the magazine for over 7 years. We provide on-site photography, infographics, and illustrations to complement the scientific focus of the magazine. We coordinate with higher education institutions across the state on stories about the latest in marine research, research facilities and science programming.


BROWN UNIVERSITY Office of University Admissions

BROWN because... As Art Director of the Office of University Communications we partnered with University Admissions to develop and implement a new look and feel across all Admissions materials including the Junior Brochure which went out to over 55,000 prospective students. Bringing the design back in-house allowed us to create a unified and uniquely Brown branded suite of materials. These pieces emphasizes story telling through bold photography and strong content that highlights what makes Brown Brown. This new look and feel has been extended to the Dean of the College matriculation materials so that students have a seamless experience from application to acceptance.