RHODE ISLAND: It's All in Our Backyard

The Backyard campaign digital effort included web ads, social media, videos, tours and a dynamic website. Since its inception, the campaign has garnered earned media with positive reviews, and become an inspiration for government and media efforts to celebrate Rhode Island.

Agency: Basics Group, Direction: Hallie Steele / Amy Bernhart, Design : Amy Bernhart / Hallie Steele, Web: Linchpin Agency


RIF made giving Tuesday into a 12 day campaign, with a flexible, responsive microsite that invited community members to become partners in philanthropy on any level.

Agency: Basics Group, Direction: Amy Bernhart, Design : Amy Bernhart / Andrea Cacase, Web: Envision Technologies


For two years the Basics team worked with HealthSource RI — Rhode Island's state based health exchange — helping them to find creative ways to maintain brand equity, reach highly-targeted audiences and grow enrollment numbers.  The result was a 99.5% enrollment rate, including a 20% increase in new enrollments. Display ads featuring real Rhode Islanders were placed in Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Pandora.

Agency: Basics Group, Direction: Hallie Steele, Strategy: Hallie Steele / Andrea Cacase / Amy Bernhardt, Design : Amy Bernhardt , Words: Amy Bernhardt / Mariam Amanullah, Photography: Stephanie Alvarez Ewens / Rue Sakayama, Media: RDW Group


With a long history as one of the most diverse and engaging neighborhoods in Providence, the Olneyville Square business district was looking for an authentic brand that didn’t genericize the community. We started by engaging residents and local business leaders to create an identity that respected the history, heritage, culture and grit that defines Olneyville Square. The result is a mark that is a distinct, but neutral, canvas on which the vibrant heart of Olneyville can come to life. 

Agency: Basics Group, Direction: Hallie Steele / Amy Bernhart, Design : Amy Bernhart / Hallie Steele


Basics and the DataHub worked for over five years with the Rhode Island Department of Education to create a parent facing database application that combines key data from different sources – achievement results, demographics, opinion data, and more – to provide a holistic view of public education in Rhode Island.

Agency: Basics Group, Direction: Amy Bernhardt/ Dwight McMillian, Design: Amy Bernhardt / Dwight McMillian, Web: Basics Group